Stéphane HUC

Who am I?

"Ecce Homo"

At the crossroad of system management (Windows, Debian|Ubuntu, OpenBSD),
network administration, web administration
and development (Python, Shell, PHP).

I am deeply convinced by free and opensource softwares and communities and active member and contributor to, or
Computer science is truly a passion to me. It creates links, shares, connect and empower humans.

My Motto in French : SH(ell) : Serviable, Honnête & Efficace (LL)... Ecce Homo

Some tools:

Base64 Encoder, Decoder
Generate a TLSA record
Testing hash algorithms



This site is available via IPv4 and IPv6.


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My Blog

Very serious articles in French, quite technical... a bit sharp... on some aspects of security, oldiers developments, system management, or web... information that interests me strongly... that I try to relay as accurately as possible!

My artworks

From time to time, under the influence of Time, of Emotion, some words, some poems, some thoughts… just a time… where my alter-ego: EsteBaN Hache freely expresses itself - (in French). | EBNH::Graphique

My developments

*** Languages ***
- Python
- Shell: Bash, Ksh |